Call for ChapbookS 


Entry cost: FREE!

1st January 2021 – 2nd July 2021 


We are open to EVERYONE from ANYWHERE in the world,

but will only accept and publish work in English.

We are opening our doors for 6 months and a day because we want to increase our output of beautiful chapbooks, support more writers and artists, and unleash your words into the world! We have decided on no specific theme, total freedom to submit the work that is personal and natural to you. We will be reading as we go and letting you know the result asap. Sometimes this will take up to a month, as we are a small team. If you are at all concerned, please do reach out to us on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we are always happy to talk!


Please email your entries (preferably PDF with clear and readable font in size 12, ideally with 1.5 spacing minimum but we are not too strict on this, as long as it is readable) to and please title all emails with the subject:




  • While we do not insist on a cover letter, please include a brief biography in your email and a summary of what your work is about 


  • Please let us know if any part of your work has been previously published. While we aren’t against publishing work that has appeared elsewhere, please ensure you retain the copyright. We are also happy to accept simultaneous submissions, just please let us know asap if you chapbook is accepted elsewhere!


  • If your chapbook entry is accepted, there will be a period of editing and cover design. We pride ourselves in working closely with the writer to ensure the book is something they can be proud of.


  • We are too small to provide royalties, as we are a volunteer-run press and do not make much in the way of profit. What we will do is give you hardcopies of your books to sell and distribute at your leisure to family and friends; as well as a large discount on future print runs. You will not pay for initial printing costs or artist costs. 


  • We add your book to Nielson UK, a distributor that is provides copies for bookshops and libraries in the United Kingdom. Previously our books have been sent to the British Library, Bodleian Library, Trinity St David’s University, Aberystwyth University, University of Dublin and more.


  • Your book will always be available to purchase, even if Selcouth Station were to end one day, we swear to ensure your book will still be available e.g. through an Etsy store or a similar outlet.

  • Please note the editor’s decisions are final and we ask for you to treat us with respect. We will not tolerate any rude behaviour towards our editors and we will not accept any work that is homophobic, racist, sexist, disablist or hateful. 

  • If you would like guaranteed feedback on your work, please check out our FEEDBACK SERVICE section. While we may offer free light feedback as to why the chapbook wasn't accepted, this is at the discretion of the editors and not guaranteed. 


For all submissions, we are accepting a maximum of 40 pages.

Please only send in one submission per category.

Short Fiction

 Flash Fiction


Creative Non-Fiction 



Not Accepting (maybe in the future!):

Children’s Literature