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About us


Selcouth (adjective) - meaning 'strange, unusual, rare; unfamiliar; marvellous, wondrous'.

Pronounced 'sel-kooth', it originates from Old/Middle English. 

Selcouth Station is small press dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of indie artists, writers, gamers and any other creative entrepreneurs who want to get their work out there, both online and in print. We've published short stories, reviews, interviews and poetry, with dreams of broadening to all sorts of mediums. We are friendly, approachable and if you have any questions, just drop us a link on the 'Contact' page! And don't forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram (@selcouthstation) and Twitter @SelcouthStation.

We hope that other writers, artists and creative types might join Selcouth Station and together create a collaborative website that will not only provide a space of warmth, positive vibes and inspiration, but also offer a platform for fledgling writers who need to get their work out there. Learn more about how to contribute to Selcouth Station via the Contact Page.

All our regular contributors are volunteers, individuals who wish to share their work as well as others. If you want a particular contributor to look at any particular work then please try to match your product with their tastes. 

Haley Jenkins

Founder & Editor


Haley Jenkins holds a Creative Writing Master's Degree (Distinction) from The University of Surrey (Guildford, Surrey) and a Creative Writing Bachelor's Degree (First Class Honors) from The University of Roehampton (Barnes, London). 
In 2016, Haley was awarded First Prize in the Elmbridge Literary Competition for her short story 'Talisman' and in 2014 won 3rd Prize in the Hopkins Poetry Prize. She has been published in two anthologies by Fincham Press - The Trouble with Parallel Universes (2014) and Screams & Silences (2015), as well as publications such as, Guttural Magazine, Tears in the Fence, painted spoken and The Journal of British & Irish Innovative Poetry. Her work has also appeared in online zines such as datableedzine, epizootics and ez.Pzine (Pyre Publishing). In 2016, she completed editing Bigger than Bones, a volume of essays and creative work with a focus on the body, produced by Haley's first poetry chapbook Nekorb was published by Veer Books (August 2017). Haley has presented work, both creative and non-fiction, at The University of Roehampton, The University of Falmouth and Mansfield College of The University of Oxford. 

'My interests always veer towards the strange, unexpected, work that tries to push boundaries and form new space. I adore character-focused fiction, poetry that challenges the reader. I'm happy to hear from anyone who wants to get involved with Selcouth Station. I wanted to create an area for discussion, creativity and trying to create a place we can enjoy and smile about. Something good.'

Rebecca Shoulders



Rebecca has a Creative Writing Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Roehampton, London. She has been previously published by Fincham Press in The Unseen anthology, and also appears in the self-published comedy anthology “The Funny Club”. Currently, Rebecca is working on flash fiction and short stories, as well as a comic fantasy novel.

"Words are a vessel, and I love it when writers look up from their little rowing boat and take a leap onto a big ship. What I mean is that I love it when writers don’t just use words to say something, but also use words for the sound of them and the taste of them. My favourite authors? Impossible, because they are incomparable. I love Terry Pratchett’s Discworld
series, but I also love Rónán Hession’s Leonard and Hungry Paul. I haven’t found anyone who tells a story quite like Neil Gaiman, but then again, neither have I read a book quite like the beautiful Raising Sparks by Ariel Kahn.
It’s not the story you tell; it’s how you tell it."

Katharine Cheetham


Katharine Cheetham is about to finish her final year studying creative writing at the University of Roehampton. 

Katharine has had her short fiction published in Fincham Press' In Which Dragons Are Real anthology. She has also had nonfiction in the University of Roehampton's 2018 Speechless anthology. Her poetry made its debut through Selcouth Station Press and has been performed at the University of Roehampton's Sparks poetry nights. Katharine is currently working on her first novel. 


"My writing differs due to the form it takes. My poetry is my rant to the world and solving its problems or full of raw emotions. Whereas my fiction is always magic realism; fantasy and new worlds fascinate me. I find my inspiration in authors such as Terry Pratchett, Lian Hearn, Leone Ross and Sebastian Faulks. I love pieces that explore the extraordinary and challenge realities perception of the world." 

Stephanie Guerreiro Lourenço


Stephanie Guerreiro Lourenço is a writer and editor currently living in the West Midlands.
She was born and bred in France before moving to England, where she studied Creative Writing and Screenwriting. With a passion for writing, editing, books, and games, Stephanie quickly delved into different industries as a creative, namely the games industry, as a narrative designer and writer. She is an avid reader, crazy about her puppy, Stella, and her partner, Miguel, a fellow writer.

“My favourite kind of story is one focused on character. Give me the twisted, personal, and most private thoughts and rituals of the character you have created, and I will be a happy bunny. My reading addiction began with Stephen King, but I have developed a love for the classics and the weird.”

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