'Suchenski's poetry underscores a piece of life that's often disregarded—the beauty of witnessing the world and, in turn, the world witnessing you. Reminding us of how humanity is in the fabric of everything, she tackles absence and emergence with an abundance of graciousness.'

- Samantha Fain, author of 'Coughing Up Planets' (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press) and 'sad horse music' (The Daily Drunk)


'In Lauren Suchenski’s poetry, we can feel the depth of the seas, cherish the dirt underneath our fingertips, and taste the hues of varied sunsets. “All Atmosphere” is an ode to nature and the profound ways it shapes our lives.'

- Victoria Buitron, author of 'A Body Across Two Hemispheres' (Woodhall Press)


'Lauren Suchenski’s inventive poems explore possibility and healing with vivid clarity. They are imbued with a luminous sense of place. Natural elements and forces break or wash over us. Light is a "character" even as peace is fragile. Desiring and rapturous in turns, this book reminds us our “best attempts at wholeness are the smallest attempts at rain”. It is to be savored.'

- Anindita Sengupta author of 'Walk Like Monsters' (Paperwall Publishing) and 'City of Water' (Sahitya Akademi)



About the Author

Lauren Suchenski has a difficult relationship with punctuation. Her first chapbook “Full of Ears and Eyes Am I” (2017) is available from Finishing Line Press, and a full-length collection “All You Can Measure” is also forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. She has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize and four times for The Best of the Net. You can find more of her writing on Instagram @lauren_suchenski or on Twitter @laurensuchenski.



Page numbers: 36

Publication date: June 2022

ISBN: 978-1-7398761-7-3

Genre: Poetry

Cover art & design: Lauren Suchenski

All Atmosphere by Lauren Suchenski