The wild is here, right here.

Artificial Wilderness is a book about the act of listening. Do you listen? Do you really? Have you ever let the sounds around you - the nonhuman sounds; the unwanted sounds - interrupt your private telenova?
Referencing the work of sound artists dave phillips, Cathy Lane, Chris DeLaurenti and more, Mandy-
Suzanne Wong implores us to listen. With illustrations from multidisciplinary artist and eco-feminist
activist Kathryn Eddy, Artificial Wilderness is the perfect interruption to daily life.

Bermudian author Mandy-Suzanne Wong’s award-winning books include the fiction chapbook Awabi (Digging Press) and the essay collections Listen, we all bleed (New Rivers Press) and Animals Across Discipline, Time and Space (McMaster Museum of Art). She is the author of the internationally acclaimed novel Drafts of a Suicide Note (Regal House), which was a top finalist for American Book Fest’s Best Book Award for Fiction, an Eyelands Book Award finalist, a Permafrost Book Prize finalist, a Conium Review Book Prize semifinalist, and a PEN Open Book Award nominee. She is also the author of Kiskadee, a monthly celebration of nonhuman vitalities in Manqué Magazine.


Edited by Rebecca Shoulders

Artificial Wilderness by Mandy-Suzanne Wong