About the Author


Stuart Buck is an award-winning poet living in North Wales. After spending a decade as a chef, he began writing Haiku and Tanka and after moderate success decided to branch out in to longer-form, freestyle poetry. His first collection, Casually Discussing the Infinite, was described as 'a visceral experience...of poetic sucker-punches' and broke in to the top 100 on Amazons World Poetry Chart. In 'Become Something Frail' he describes the dark and mystical, the humane and the fantastical.


Stuart Buck is possessed of an astonishing imagination coupled with an enviable ability to birth fully-formed poems of unique, musical and mind-bending originality. From tenderness to atrocity and everything in between, ‘Become Something Frail’ is swarming with macabre half-seen shadows and sensual fragments of a visionary’s mind. I would be insane with jealousy if I wasn’t already crippled with admiration."


- Laura Taylor, poet/performer



Page numbers: 31

Publication date: March 2019

ISBN: 978-2-9164335-3-3

Genre: Poetry

Cover art & design: Stuart Buck

Become Something Frail by Stuart Buck EBOOK