Heresiarch of Hivemind and aspiring hermit,

Arran’s work is concerned with the seemingly insignificant, the small, quiet places the mind can scurry off to when sat alone in nature. Having finished his Master’s degree in English Literature, Arran now runs the aforementioned ‘Hivemind’, a project dedicated to organising and running poetry and music nights, platforming emerging and/or underrepresented artists, and bringing artists of all disciplines together. Arran has featured at Turning Tides Festival (2019) and performs regularly on the London poetry circuit.

“My poetry doesn’t seek to ask or answer any great questions, they are simple, little comforts in this conundrum of a life, if it can be a comfort to others then that’s the greatest accolade I could ever ask for.”



Page numbers: 24

Publication date: June 2022

ISBN: 978-1-7398761-9-7

Genre: Poetry

Cover art & design: Molly Pickle

Flight by Arran Olk