KD Rye's short story 'Henry's Departure' tells the tragic tale of three sisters left to fend for themselves in the wilderness of their own home. Sue, Miley and Joyce find themselves abandoned by adults and left without food, they will need to rely on their wits to survive. But when hunger sets in, will the sisters be able to cling to their humanity? 


About the Author

KD Rye is the luckiest person you have ever met. Though she has never won the lottery, a cute girl smiled at her one day and has since promised to love her forever. KD spent her youth day dreaming and reading comic books. She holds a bachleor's degree in Creative Writing, a Juris Doctorate, and a Masters in Business Administration. She enjoys conversations via bar top and playing rugby. If you meet her in person she will probably challenge you to an arm wrestling match....and you will probably lose. 




Page Number: 25

Publication Date: 2018

Genre: Horror/Thriller Fiction

Cover art and design by Renuka Ghate - Twitter: @artistmichi

Henry's Departure by KD Rye