"And If I Die Tomorrow" is a fantastic cocktail of experimental and modern poetry, exploring themes of love, childhood and isolation in poems such as "unfiltered love story", "what dreams may inhale" and "out of print existence".


Willem Myra is the author of the short story collection Kennel-born (Thirty West, 2018) and former fiction editor for formercactus magazine. His work has appeared online and in print on three continents. He lives in a modest Italian city where he shares his love for literature with two cats and never enough books. Find him at willemmyra.wordpress.com or on Twitter at @WillemMyra.



Page numbers: 37

Publication date: September 2019

ISBN: 978-1-9164335-9-5

Genre: Poetry/Experimental Poetry

Cover art & design: Stuart Buck


And If I Die Tomorrow by Willem Myra