'a wafer of time I should tell you

my sister is Lana Del Rey my sister

is Audrey Hepburn who generously

haunts us into ripening relation

a sequence of sounds collecting

between us where no words fit'

Just Let Me Have This by Heather Sweeney, 2018 (p.12).


Heather Sweeney's first poetry collection focuses on the textural, minute details of the self and memory. With a sharp awareness of today's culture and the past, this collection flickers in and out of clarity and dream, of the surreal and the painfully true. 


Cover art and design by Kerry-Anne Mayes
Twitter: @kerryaartwork


Typeset and formatting by Haley Jenkins

Twitter: @SelcouthStation
Facebook: @selcouthstation
Instagram: selcouthstation


This book was printed and bound by 
Print Print Limited,
Willow Cottage,
Tong Norton,
TF11 8PZ

Just Let Me Have This by Heather Sweeney

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