Here in his debut collection The Living Museum, Edward Garvey-Long paints us a world of vinegary fish n’ chips, hidden love affairs and love letters to Kenneth Williams. More than that, this book is about love snatched from the corners and love harvested from three different landscapes: London, the Fenlands and Sweden.  Garvey-Long’s voice is familiar to anyone who has been touched by love or seen it walk away or held it close in sweaty white sheets at night. His poems touch strange obsessions, urban myths of royalty meets Queen and what happens when we are finally allowed to be who we want to be.


About the Author

Ed Garvey-Long grew up in rural Hertfordshire but now lives in North London. He has a Masters in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmith College, where he focused on poetry. His work deals with themes of LGBTQ identity, love, loss and longing. Many poems are inspired by London and Scandinavia. 


Ed has appeared at the Boring Conference, presenting a talk about his collection of paper bags from Independent Bookshops. He has a Writer in Residence for an allotment in Hampstead as part of Mixed Borders scheme with The Poetry School. His work has appeared  in Brittle Star, Eye Flash Poetry, Iota, Lighthouse, Perverse, Porridge, RAUM and Under the Radar. Outside of poetry, Ed enjoys cross stitch, quilting, and visiting museums with his husband Rupert. He can be found on Twitter under the name @eddus and on his website 



Page Numbers:

Publication date: 2019

ISBN: 978-1-9164335-4-0

Genre: Poetry/LGBTQA+

Cover Design: Fez Inkwright


The Living Museum by Ed Garvey-Long