Rose stares at her weathered reflection in the dusty shop window. She wonders if Frankie would even recognize her anymore. She hopes he’s in a place that will keep him warm. To the left of her face, an unattended hot air balloon appears on the reflection, shining like a rainbow on a foggy day. She turns around, crosses the dewy green grass, and decides to hop into the balloon’s gondola."

- 'Rose Knows'


Tiny Universes is the debut chapbook of Hawaii-born author Zach Murphy.

In this poetic flash-fiction collection of sixteen short stories, Zach explores memorable moments both magical and mundane through his diverse cast of characters. Delving deep into their innermost reflections, Tiny Universes offers glimpses into the characters' feelings of loss, hope and metamorphosis.



Page numbers: 27

Publication date: 2021

ISBN: 978-1-8380228-2-2

Genre: Flash fiction

Cover art & design: Bruno Wright

Tiny Universes by Zach Murphy