"In taut, precise language, Susan Darlington finds both gothic horror and lusciousness in the world around her. Crammed into display cases and confined in doll's houses, the poet's persona conveys the same brave emancipation of Ibsen's Nora, and - like her - will leave you looking at the world with fresh eyes."


- Hannah Stone, author of "Reflections: A Poet-Theologian In Lockdown Leeds" (Maytree Press)


"Like a doll’s house, this neat, playful chapbook gives us the world in miniature. Only the wall is off. These poems expose the reader to the elements of Susan Darlington’s lucid imagination, vining the body of the speaker to the non-human world and illuminating what natural cycles can transform. Traumatropic Heart is a bewitching read.”


- Becky Cherriman, author of "Empires Of Clay" (Cinnamon Press)

Traumatropic Heart by Susan Darlington EBOOK