A New Project!

I have always wanted a website. I have trialed this several times over the years but never got very far, slipping into building voids for my rants. However, I have always enjoyed working with other writers/creative types, sharing ideas and learning together. So I began to wonder - maybe building a little digital pillow-fort for myself wasn't what I wanted, maybe something beautiful could be gained from inviting others to a project where we could inspire each other, meet new people and create a discussion about everything that comes under that sparkly umbrella of 'creativity'.

I was listening to Jim Sterling (a Gaming Critic, journalist and who has a strong presence on YouTube) discussing how writers weren't being paid for their content on a website called 'Brash Games', whose conduct has been questionable and whose future is even more questionable. At the end, he urged writers to 'build their own brand, build their own name'. Now I have no particular interest in 'brands', but I am passionate about self-publishing and using outlets other than the mainstream to get your work out there. There is so much available to writers now, more than ever before, and therefore I decided to create one of those platforms where writers can find their voice, find an audience and strive to build their own name.

I am not going to act like I am the expert here. I am also trying to build my name, put more of my writing out there, work on projects that may or may not succeed. I want to create a space for writers - from all walks of life - to experiment, share and learn together.

Let's see if we can build something beautiful.