Three Poems


My wife cooked dinner for us at our old kitchen stove -

just her and I. Chicken cordon bleu with green beans sautéed in bacon

we drank cold Sauvignon blanc.

Afterwards, outside in the dark, we smoked cigars and drank wine in the caress of the cool night. In the shadows of our driveway, we fucked on the hood of the car

watchful for passing cars.

There were stars and smiles

the night was a full one.


Night has fallen.

She slumbers in the other room.

I’m stirring whole milk into a mug of Irish breakfast tea with a small teaspoon that I ordered from England several years ago-

back when I was reading Thomas Hardy.

A train passes through town as I take another sip.


Relaxing on a bunk in an air-conditioned tent on a base in Kuwait. It was summer

hotter than hell. I was in transit-

trying to return to my duty station in some other hellhole country in the Middle East. I’d been alone for over a week-

trying to hitch a ride on a southbound cargo plane to get to Abu Nakhlah.

Still no flight out-

nothing to do but read a book of Old Icelandic sagas that I’d brought with me from back home. Just reading those sagas

day after day. Waiting.


Bragi looked down from Asgard- Who amongst the Persians is reading the old legends?

His wife, Idunna, kissed him -

her sweet breath tasting of apples. Turn away from coarse Midgard, husband, and make love to me.

I was still waiting.

Odin was wandering the desert- a raven on each shoulder, and one eye a bottomless pit.

Maybe I’d never leave that place.


Nicholas Trandahl is a writer that lives in northeast Wyoming, where he works as a reporter for a newspaper. Trandahl is also a U.S. Army veteran. He is happily married to his muse (his wife Brittany) and has two daughters, with a third being born later this summer.

An avid poet, Trandahl draws inspiration for his poetry from his adventures, travels, and experiences throughout the world. He is known for the simplicity, honesty, and quietude of his poems. Trandahl has frequently cited his main literary influences as Ernest Hemingway, Raymond Carver, and Jim Harrison, and his poems have often been compared to those of Mary Oliver.

Trandahl is published by Winter Goose Publishing and released his debut poetry collection, Pulling Words, with Winter Goose in April 2017. Pulling Words is available worldwide in paperback and eBook through Amazon. His second collection with Winter Goose, Think of Me, is scheduled to hit shelves in April 2018. Trandahl’s poetry will also be featured as part of a compilation called Heart of Courage that will be published by Swyers Publishing in June 2018.

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