Poem: The Queen of Justice

Burdened with excellence, You live in luxury. Where are you from for having risked so little And obtained so much?

Nothing bothers you And all are envious. Your status and reputation Are your best assets. Perceived as a king, But despised in silence.

Did you think you’d win against me? Life has pampered you Whereas it has tortured me.

At the top of your tower, You’re waiting for me, certain of your victory. I’m coming with my army of men Who, in olden days, worshiped you.

Be scared for I don’t fear anymore. I’m coming to balance out the injustice; The crown is mine.


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Catherine Girard-Veilleux is a self-taught polyglot (soon a hyperpolyglot), poet, author, translation student, and ESL teacher from the province of Quebec, Canada. Her passion for writing began on the day she held a pencil for the first time and there is now no stopping her. Ever. She has won two writing contests: on Writing.com with her short story ‘’Upside Down’’; and Camp NaNoWriMo in July 2014. She loves to interact with readers and other authors on social media and she blogs is about her writing journey, along with book reviews and writing tips at https://adlibrumaeternam.wordpress.com. Her main works-in-progress are the first novel in her YA LGBTQ+ urban fantasy Heaven’s Army series, Down to Earth, with which she won Camp NaNoWriMo, and a collection of poems. When she’s not writing, that young woman is undoubtedly reading or learning a new language.