Poetry: Film Noir, These Wounds & (x)

Film Noir

you see a spider a spider! scream & shudder mouth open in silent terror like a film noir poster

spider is in the corner of the room you run for the broom

spider is thinking - you don't need to know i am here why fetch a chair & tangle my web around the bristles of your broom head

you cause me hunger by losing me captured flies what are the flies doing for you? i will have to begin again if me & my babies are to have dinner tonight.

These Wounds

i am dangling my legs above the brook my hand palm down in the grass i watch my reflection move - observe me lightly then i see the pale pink wrapped like sausage skins around my toes

are these plasters waterproof before i dip, swimming them must i remove them?

i find i have stuck the stick onto the open bloodied wound it suckers, like a wild horse coming off with the plastic

pain ensues

i put back down the plaster grit my teeth & hold my fingers to my foot

perhaps i should wait until they naturally peel off?


do you know when happens when you eat too much bacon? you turn into a porky piglet do you know what happens when you eat too many carrots? you turn orange do you know why happens when you watch too much television? you get square eyes do you know what happens when you look into the sun? you burst into flames do you know what happens when you kiss a frog? he transforms into a Prince

do you know what happens when you have read this? your mind boggles.


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Curious by nature, Katie Lewington likes to read autobiographies as much as she does poetry. Her favourite book is Alice in Wonderland. Katie still hopes to enter Wonderland one day. She has self-published books on love, travel, & food. She is also passionate about helping her fellow indie writers and her blog has many weekly features in aid of exposing these writers to the public.