History of the Future

In school we studied history, a record of the past

When Romans roamed and Greek Gods governed. The lessons went by fast

We explored an Anglo-Saxon town, their leaders overthrown

We empathised with grieving folk, who lost all they had owned

I swear I felt the falling buildings cascade off my face

As earthquakes beat Pompeii to a pulp, I swear this was the case

As teachers journeyed us through time where former folk formed tales

We vacuumed fact through eyes and ears embracing human trails

We don’t use history anymore. We don’t consider strife or war

Ctrl+H’s what history means. I miss those vivid history dreams

History was combat overcome, and who was left defeated

Yet now it’s but an extinct grave of searches that we’ve completed

Now history’s to be deleted, it shows how boys get kicks

So no-one finds out about the time they fiddle with their…

History’s turned selfish, it was legends of kings and queens

The only mystery history solves now, is where kids buy their jeans

You’ve not a prayer of experiencing history, when trapped behind a Mac

There’s more than just a patterned cloth behind our Union Jack

In the future they’ll look for history. In millennials, they won’t find any

We cared for Wi-Fi more than time. I miss making those stories mine.

Saul Westbrook is a London-based sixth form student who writes poetry in his spare time.