Poetry: 'I shall be dumped where the weed decays' & Van by Stu Buck

i shall be dumped where the weed decays

as i walked in the hot kiln sun i saw two men sat beside a haiku pond complete with emerald-pad lilies, swollen frog and blossom that pinked as I approached one man was made of screeching flesh he dangled a fishing line in to the cloudless water he made my thick, warm blood harden with swollen cock against my pork fat cheeks he did not catch a thing but shame the other man was made of fire and forge he walked in to the pond with bare chest gleaming he painted his spit upon my cracked lips and through steam the pale fish rose pickling the surface with their stench


folds of lace [like winter smoke] [like quires of tear stained parchment] sit heavy against the ruddy [rust] of the shabby white van [there are some noises she cannot hear] where the man with the limp [like a pirate she thought at first] [[still young]] will drive her to the trees to touch her again through winter tears through folds of lace [like smoke]

Stuart Buck is a poet currently residing in North Wales. Since starting out with haiku and senryu four years ago he has been published widely both online and in print and his debut collection 'Casually Discussing the Infinite' was released last year. When he is not writing (or reading) poetry he enjoys juggling, cooking and debating the merits of modern art.

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