Mouths of Flowers & Other Poems

Mouths of Flowers

I want to publish a book filled with poems that you can’t read you will have to touch them you will have to breathe them in the poems will be so small that they will be written on the hearts of hummingbirds they will be so elegant that they will reside in the mouths of flowers.

Our Place

meet me in the place where there are no words just the ocean and the blue of us.


The beginning. We spread her ashes around the firelight. She was not afraid to die. No cemetery stone as her billboard. We danced like she danced. Uninhibited. We sang like she sang. Out of tune. And loudly. That night we died like she did.

Joe Barca is a poet living in New England. He has self-published three collections of poetry. His work has also been featured in a book called "Peace Poems" and in an online magazine called "From Whispers to Roars". His twitter handle is @shepherdmoon53.

He is also a husband, a father, a dog owner, and a slow runner. His books are available on Amazon.