I Come From

I come from a country mistaken for Spain, although just as passionate, we’re not as famous. We sound Russian to some, or we speak Mexican to others.

I come from cobblestone curbs and confusing roads, from warm beaches and sand up ass cracks, cocky men that flexed by the sea while I mustered the courage to strip. Women sun-bathed in their towels when I was too embarrassed to wet my feet.

I come from churros and chocolatey goodness, from street fairs and brightly lit carrousels, both filled with loud, LOUD people, obnoxious and loving, crude and talkative.

I come from homophobia and rocks thrown at lesbians, gay men beaten to a pulp and funnelled, police escorted pride parades. I come and go from a closet, where sometimes I’m proud of loving any gender, and other times I’m scared of my childhood friends.

I come from my wicked father’s nutsack, a bastard childhood and avenged filhos da puta, A mother that had a broken heart before I left, whose heart I cherish and hold closely, listening: Thump thump, I love you, son. I come from there.

Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço is a Portuguese poet and writer, currently living and studying in the United Kingdom. He is influenced greatly by many contemporary artists and slam-poets, but its his love for music, namely hip-hop, that shapes the flow and rhyme schemes of his pieces. Miguel aspires to entertain as much as to inspire, for he believes there is always something worth writing about in all of us. Website - Tumblr - Twitter - Instagram -