The Festival of Lanterns

we are where orchids bloom the air is so thick

you can taste the evaporation the repatriation

of the mist the scent is a living thing snaking

its way up our nostrils the smell of roots and thick

clay mud flooding our senses taking you back to

the day fifteen years ago when I pushed your face

into the ground the first time you had spread your

legs for me and crying with anticipation asked

me to hurt you like our father did

Stuart Buck is a poet currently residing in North Wales. Since starting out with haiku and senryu four years ago he has been published widely both online and in print and his debut collection 'Casually Discussing the Infinite' was released last year. When he is not writing (or reading) poetry he enjoys juggling, cooking and debating the merits of modern art. His website focuses on 'poems and ponderings'. Follow him at: @stuartmbuck