Why Would I Want to Follow The Lives of Famous People?

i used to be baffled by Twitter

why would i want to follow the lives of famous people?

more than likely it was my desire to belong which lead me to sign up

and after that Twitter Facebook Blogger Tumblr Wordpress Linkedin Instagram

before all of that a computer was in the front room and that is where it stayed Laptop’s were shared between siblings Nokia’s were used for distraction - games

and a BBM was sent via Blackberry i remember when the computer suite was opened

in school with much publicity

now it’s a given

there will be computers in every classroom

i would take long walks as a teenager i was solitary after a school day ended i needed to clear my head

i was out for hours rain or shine

i liked the way my muscles would ache – i felt that I was growing stronger

i have mental health problems

perhaps social media pushed open that door further

i never used to doubt myself so much

the anxiety festering

what am i missing

who am i not comparing myself with

brought in from the outside world to the one with optical illusions

easily led by the wrong influences i have withered, and wilted

my soul has died a little in blackouts, vodka, and violence

allowed myself to be the puppet

had the imperious curse cast on me

and what i need now is the time and space to clear my head and grow

your concerns were not mine

i didn’t want them

i never did.

Katie writes with her particular brand of poetic insights, based loosely on the subjects of belonging, loss, mental illness, and hope. You can read more snippets of her writing on her Patreon, or in her books available on Amazon.com. Katie also runs a book blog, where she reviews small press books, and interviews writers. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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