"Go Outside and Play" & "Tea Time"

go outside and play

turned into locked doors and

space away from

yelling at one another. mama

looks out the front window. nods

as she sees me tearing up grass

water hose from its roots

baptisms in summertime

like swine drip mud,

punishment and pleasure.


from creek beds, snuck towards her

anyway, could smell her

in my sleep, whispering

come away with me and i will feed you

crawdaddies and salamanders.

sneak them home for profanity.

mama laughed when they were the

only kind of living left.

Tea Time

Hillary Martin grew up in the rural south and attended Tennessee Tech University where she received her BA. She currently resides in Oakland, CA where she is working towards an MFA in Poetry at California College of the Arts. Previous work can be seen in Poetry Leaves, Clarion, West Trade Review, and Red Earth Review.

Website: hillarymartin.org Twitter: @hillybm Instagram: Here!