A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony #5: When We First Met

When We First Met

she was a brilliant light that could effortlessly defeat all-consuming darkness I cocooned myself in, did not know anyone could exist who possessed such a vision, had an innocence I could not compete. And that was my undoing - competition impossible, no way for my light to shine beyond hers and the way she danced with such grace I could see the way He looked at her the way he would never dream of me tracing her body with feverish hunger in ways I would only ever desire, afar. Murmurs came to me as I stood, fuming after a flawless performance, he barely noticed but someone else did, sent across effervescent potion - chilled champagne. I clutched the glass in one dainty hand and swung my swan neck seeking the anonymous admirer who appeared as if out of water, forming into a solid apparition before my eyes, gleaming. I’d never seen a man such as him before, one look stole my breath; “You’re beautiful out there” - just what I needed to hear, as if he knew, as if he saw straight through my soul. “Not what some people seem to think,” a smirk over at the dancer stealing all my light, twirling for a flock of admirers. “Some days, I just wish she would disappear.” The man cocked his head in thought “I could make that happen.”

Note from the author: This is a collaboration in progress between myself, Kristin Garth and Justin Karcher. Each of us takes one character and writes from their point of view, which adds to the overall story and essentially becomes a play told through poetry. My character is an aspiring dancer who views Kristin’s character as a direct threat not only to her dancing career, but to the choreographer who they both fancy and who seems to like Kristin’s character more. When a dark wizard approaches me to express his appreciation and complements, it plants a seed in her mind of getting rid of her competition permanently. My character is inherently drawn to darkness which is another reason the wizard easily enchants her into accepting his proposal to turn against the competition, essentially shrinking Kristin’s character into a collectable doll to be kept in a dollhouse.

Tianna G. Hansen has spent her entire life writing and creating words, poetry is what truly ignites her soul. Her small independent press, Rhythm & Bones, has many exciting projects in the works and is releasing their first anthology, You Are Not Your Rape, this December. Check out more at RhythmnBone.com or follow on Twitter @RhythmBonesLit. You can find more of Tianna’s work at CreativeTianna.com or on Twitter @tiannag92.