A Victorian Dollhousing Ceremony #6:

Potion to Shrink

In a dream, sneak away in cover of night corsage tucked tight around pounding wrist pulse thrumming through thick veins powered by green poison burning from the insides; this is the way it always was fated from the start, the first moment you looked into her eyes and saw her growing, larger, becoming so much More than you would ever be. you go - travel to the ends of the caves and seek the only thing you can think, darkness shrouding like a cloak tiny bits of bejeweled starlight twinkle with each sway of hips. greedy hands reach & grasp at you, there you meet the wizard, dark and handsome, beard catches the light of many moons and eyes like coal among the shadows perhaps it is his hands on you, after all, he gives you promises, understands you have come to feel overshadowed; push onwards, stumble over words, tongue thick like leather stifling breath you whisper in his ear what you seek - a potion to shrink. He knows exactly what you want to hear, as he whispers in your ear the world glistens before your eyes, just think what it would be like if you have no competing sunrise.

Note from the author: This is a collaboration in progress between myself, Kristin Garth and Justin Karcher. Each of us takes one character and writes from their point of view, which adds to the overall story and essentially becomes a play told through poetry. My character is an aspiring dancer who views Kristin’s character as a direct threat not only to her dancing career, but to the choreographer who they both fancy and who seems to like Kristin’s character more. When a dark wizard approaches me to express his appreciation and complements, it plants a seed in her mind of getting rid of her competition permanently. My character is inherently drawn to darkness which is another reason the wizard easily enchants her into accepting his proposal to turn against the competition, essentially shrinking Kristin’s character into a collectable doll to be kept in a dollhouse.

Tianna G. Hansen has spent her entire life writing and creating words, poetry is what truly ignites her soul. Her small independent press, Rhythm & Bones, has many exciting projects in the works and is releasing their first anthology, You Are Not Your Rape, this December. Check out more at RhythmnBone.com or follow on Twitter @RhythmBonesLit. You can find more of Tianna’s work at CreativeTianna.com or on Twitter @tiannag92.