"Tea and Cake" & "Gardeners of the Forest"

Tea and Cake

When my knees scrape rock bottom

Death lifts up her manhole cover

and invites me in for a warm brew

She tells me my body can handle it.

My minds just in a vat of

emotion, a puddle of badly mixed paint.

Void of logic because the screams drowned it out. She gives me cake and tells me

it's not my time- she checked the calendar

and then leaves me to climb free with renewed vanilla frosting energy.

Gardeners of the Forest

Nimble orange fingers pluck ripe fruit

to colour her tongue and paint

rubbery black lips until they drip.

She gently folds thick green

padded hammocks to hang in

the canopies above. Unseen eyes watch her blaze

under the filtered rays as her

eyes shift to gaze toward the

ever closer rumbles of war.

Trees fall with her hope, hiding her mini me, the mother

swings amongst the felling and fallen to face them. She raises her hands to skin on hot metal machines. A gentle soul’s silent protest on

toppling trees and disbanding

carefully folded leaves. The rumble roars a war cry.

Removed she isn’t replaced,

the nest lies half empty. Green fingered with orange fur

it wails for a future where

they are left alone.

Katharine Cheetham is a short story writer and occasional poet working on her debut novel. She has been previously published by Fincham Press, Student Life Magazine and various blogs. An avid dreamer, Katharine likes to write magic realism with the goal of changing the world with words. She is currently the final year of studying a BA in Creative Writing at Roehampton University. When Katharine isn't writing you will find her in Richmond Park or baking brownies. You can follow her on:

WordPress - www.mymindsbrontide.com

Twitter - @KatharineCheet1

Instagram - k.cheetham13