Poetry: "The Perfect Host" and "Letter to Hogwarts"

The Perfect Host

i. at her tea party, the teddy bear fell off his chair, bones cushioned from snapping.

ii. tablecloth, forks, knives & spoons, polished wine glasses, no fingerprint traces.

iii. blade against wrists, mapping reasons for the widow to live.

iv. bottled blood, aged overnight.

v. bathing in acidic tears, mournful. death omen at the bottom of his teacup.

vi. a melody of wailing & angelic harps. knees slammed to marble ground. a shower of white lily petals.

vii. grind bones. crush flower stems. pulp flesh. stuffed into teddy bear’s chest.

viii. kiss mouth to mouth & listen for a heartbeat.

Letter from Hogwarts

I narrow my eyes onto my fingertips. No spark or flame. Hogwarts haven’t sent their acceptance letter — not yet.

I put the book back onto its shelf and head home. The wind blows my hair, uncovering my face.

A stranger flips and flops to the clicks of my heels. The footsteps scream like sirens: faster, louder, faster, louder.

I slam the door and turn the key, locking myself inside. My back rests against the wooden door as I slide down onto the cold marble tiles; & I sob, & sob, & sob.

I can’t escape from his hunt & Hogwarts haven’t accepted me yet.

Jeremy Mifsud (he/him) is a queer and autistic poet from Malta. Social ineptitude becomes a catalyst for his art as he weaves unsaid words into poems and stories. He is the author of “From the Backseat of a Bus” (Ghost City Press, 2019) and “Welcome to the Sombre Days” (2018). More of his work appears or is forthcoming in Terse Journal, Door is a Jar Magazine, Burning House Press and others. You can find Jeremy on his website or on twitter.