Poem: Scream

I shouted, Without a sound, In the middle Of nowhere. My lungs Without air, Embracing my soul. Blindly looking Into the valley of silence.

Alisa Kanti began writing her poems on her phone. Sitting in a bar, in a waiting room, in an airport, on a bus, even walking down the street, wherever she could, she responded to this urgent desire to put her feelings into words. She used her mobile phone to translate the internal struggle that almost everyone endures in their life in order to find balance. Like an origami, her words are folded, turning an empty page Into a song. Her first book “You Touched Me Deeply” is a walk through the liquid landscape of emotions filled with love, loss, pain, and gratefulness. It is a reminder that we should not ignore the feelings that touch us so deeply.

Website: www.alisakanti.com

Instagram: alisakanti

Image provided by Alisa Kanti