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Sarah Wallis: Pondlife


after Blur

Indolence is an aspiration for the whale watcher for what is known to the professionals as… pondlife… And early mornings cannot be avoided, neither can the seasickness routes through…pondlife… Getting intimidated by the old salts and the natural sealegs who love to roll about the deck and tease the newcomers to… pondlife Who’s that hoary seadog marching to his own tune, shouting at the greenhorns look lively lads, starboard to quarter six o’ bells… pondlife Allllllll the sealife Such varied sealife Schooled flipper by flipper Lazily flipping through their… pondlife Do you get my drift? If we got up when we wanted we’d miss the tides, the moon, appearances of whale marks and blown water… pondlife We put our oilskins on, have a tot of rum and think about going on deck…pondlife… Bucket of krill ready for over the side, might bring the creatures closer to us, there’s a sense of wonder on the boat at…pondlife… when we have a sighting the whole boat’s happy, sense of occasion around all day, safe in the knowledge there are more in the ocean and we’re all devoted to it, okay? Pondlife! Pondlife! Pondlife! Pondlife! It’s got nothing to do with your material grab and your global positioning for oil distribution you know… pondlife… pondlife and it’s not about your ocean going liners going round and round and round Pondlife! Pondlife!

Sarah Wallis is a poet & playwright recently relocated from Yorkshire to Scotland. She has an MA in Creative Writing from UEA and an Mphil in Playwriting from Birmingham University. Theatrical residencies include Leeds Playhouse and Harrogate Theatre. Recent publications include: The Island Review, The Interpreter’s House, The Yaffle Press Whirlagust and Ways to Peace, an anthology from Tintern Abbey, marking the United Nations Day of Peace celebrations and she has work forthcoming at Ellipsis and Thimble.

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