Holy Socks

Holy Socks

I have a hard time throwing away holy socks. Every time I put one on, I think, awe man, … this ain’t so bad. When I put one on this morning, my big toe Was halfway out. A rebel sock making its own holes a fingerless glove for your foot. Brass knuckled toes with a chip on its heel. But I found another one the same as the one with the holes But without the holes, and

I put that one on. and put the one with the holes back with the other socks. I couldn’t throw it away. Its winter. And then it would be another holy sock out on the street. Assorted spots of its soul Contorted and tattered from the course frozen bits. Numb.

There’s a land for the misfit toys But there’s not a place like that for holy socks. And it’s not like I can just leave it at the laundry mat “on accident” “In the arms of an angel” would start playing. Cold holy socks staring into your soul in slow motion. They don’t have a bag, or a room where they keep abandoned socks. They just throw them away. A once removed abandonment. Getting someone else to do your dirty work.

And I can’t keep the holy ones in a different drawer. Like, yes, you are a sock, but you’re not like the other socks. A drawer where the holy socks aren’t allowed to play With the “regular” socks, doing “regular” sock things. While all the holy socks stay shut in a drawer that never opens In the morning while the Sun’s rising, and the coffee is being brewed And someone excitedly picks the perfect pair for a new day, Dust would gather on the handle. Bunnies just outside, but not in their private musty darkness. Their “special place” with no windows.

So, I’ll keep it with all my other socks. and when I put it on, I’ll start the coffee and we will dance to Christmas music while the sun rises.

Nicholas Boyer is a poet & short story author from Buffalo, NY. His writing aims at the emotions that many people experience in so many unique ways. He believes it impossible to capture an experience in words, but regardless continues to write for both others and himself as a therapeutic process of communicating that no one is ever alone. Other work by Nicholas can be found in Ghost City Press and Riggwelter Press.