The sky has been replaced with a very large comforter & other poems

Little Visitors

Vonich visions occasionally book rooms in my head They often gift my lost & found with radiant surprises leaving transmissions—leaving transcripts—leaving oddities

Leaving Aphorisms faded paintings Words kipple Leaving Interplanetary diagrams Forgotten emotional spectrums Ambient Dream letters

No longer do I write poetry

I merely imprint cosmic penumbras

Happy Valentine Baraka

Violets aren’t blue Violates are bullshit, Unless they have thorns Unless they are ultraviolet

We need love poems that slit throats in deep sleep Love poems that produce diaphanous heart tumors Love poems that fold amygdalae into origami cranes Love poems that Heal! That Erupt! That Riot! Love poems that uproot moral integrity Love poems that read theory, then burn it

Love that is calm Love that is room temperature Love that is commandable Is not love It is infomercial fondness It is bullshit brand loyalty It is not real

This is not us my dear We are more Our love is a picturesque city Besieged by delightful locust

Word Association As A Form Of Repentance

Comatosed Haros Smoked jazz notes Jerkied lungs howl

Crooning nights Brooding Forgiveness

Nimbostratus scars Cloud childhood memories

Lamplight seduction Isolated friends

Citywide compulsory silence Hopper runs out of paint

Graveyard friendships Carpet burnt collateral

Rain as vice Amniotic embalming fluid Drown me lord You unpagan coward!

Untuned death Hourglass unhonesty Static in D minor

Dogme 95

Purity is a gimmick No aspect ratio can capture Extra-diegetic thoughts Alien aberrations No camera can catch Outside logic Omniscient compulsions Clairvoyant ripples Gravitational waves No piracy warning can prevent Bootleg dialectics Digital graffiti

The universe is not yours to own Nor is it yours to define To claim reality is heliocentric hubris

the sky has been replaced with a very large comforter

Sky wide liquid white Inside a false earth canvas— The creator’s mind Slinging thoughts across the sky—words Outside mind, into psychical realms I'm So Sure— this is what Pollock saw The interconnectedness of objectless things Shapes—thoughts

Hopper painted my window With translucent darkness He painted a

[Celestial zoo I am the hamster I am the fish I am the lonely pet]

hypnagogic truth telling Blades edge conceptualization Waving pine appendages Fading city scapes Weaving roots

Can bloodied feathers fly? If so I must paint this canvas red If so I must return to the creator’s side I must burrow in clouds Rest in elysian nothingness [Kilometers above depressive abysses]

To cover the creator’s canvas With words with love with ecstasy This is pagan holiness This is artistic surrenderment This is secret attic soothsaying— Ceremonial solitude

Austin Vertesch is a student at Indiana University. He writes clandestine garbage. He can be found at @deadfakecult on Instagram and @Austin_Vert on twitter