She is leaning against the wall, sagging from no water. No one notices as her flower fades and the petals fall again. Hope springs eternally and naively as she shyly looks at the boys who pass her by. Invisible in spite of her bright colors. At the hour of one she gathers her druthers and begins her walk home alone. The lane is dark. She should be afraid, but she is invisible, so no beasts follow her. To her credit, she has not been picked by the Crooked Pond serial killer.

Constance Woodring is a 74-year-old retired psychotherapist/ educator/social activist who is getting back to her true love of writing after 45 years in her real job. She has had 25 poems published in various American and British presses/journals, one of which was nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize by Dime Show Review.