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"A Dream Drive" & "The Memory of Stone" by Geraldine Fleming

The Memory of Stone

fried onions linger sweetly

sleepers stir to a strong coffee swell

living in boppy pop sing-a-longs

and boogie nights

keys jingle

laughter ripples time on time

steps are bold and brave

eternal memories chronicled in stone

seasons pass / decades meld

suddenly steps are

solemn and grave

voices grate

doors open

then slam

hopes crawl under the bed

fears multiply and conflate

tears fall

then emptiness

only a click of heating

drip of a tap

and gusts on a For Sale sign

this patina of life in stone

tells a solitary story

for now.....

A Dream Drive


I almost reversed my car

into a street light


the gunmetal column appeared


my rearview mirror laughted with


the convulsion of the brake


dream memories

dream logic

driving along I'm terrified white

no steering wheel

n o b r a k e s

n o c o n t r o l

I am delivered from the dream


reversing my car

checking mirrors

over my shoulder

not seeing

choosing not to see

never colliding

I am delivered to the parking space


dream reality

Twitter : @g3ra1din3

Geraldine Fleming retired early from an all-consuming career due to ill health. Bereft of purpose in her new life she found herself drawn back into past interests. This newfound freedom allows Geraldine to renew her interest in creative writing. She is a member of the North Coast Writers Group in Northern Ireland and enjoys writing both prose and poetry. In 2019 she was highly commended in the Bangor Literary Journal. After a stalled start she has published in Pendemic, more recently in The Crow of Minerva and has publications pending in Sledgehammer and Impspired.

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