Art: "Free Spirit" by Joshua Effiong

Free Spirit

How often we wish to become the birds—happy and free, baptizing ourselves with the rays of the sun. So we subscribe to rapturing our spirit from within and basking in the energy it brings. This is how we take flight.

A Nigerian by birth and Studying Science Laboratory Technology at University of Calabar. Joshua Effiong is a lover of poetry & here he finds freedom. His literary works has appeared/forthcoming in Eboquills, Kalahari Review, Shallow Tales Review, Rough Cut Press, Madrigal Press, Warning lines, Hearth Magazine, Mausoleum Press, Ghost City Press, Acropolis Journal, Tilted House, Clandestine Literary Magazine, Augment Review, Cypress Poetry Journal, Aganpathus Collectives etc. Author of Autopsy of Things Left Unnamed. He also find joy in photography and reading. Connect with him via Instagram @josh.effiong and twitter @josh_effiong