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Experimental Poetry: "Doll's House After Ibsen" by Birgit & Ursula Wildt

Ursula Wildt, 2022, Doll’s House after Ibsen, acrylic on paper, 11x17 (cm)

They were rich They wore mink They called themselves bohemians

And lived like us suburbians They played like us

They payed for us At liquor-coloured nights

They lolled around And dreamed of us They dreamed of being poor like us They dreamed of being artists, too ...

They didn’t find the dolls

Birgit Wildt (writer) is published in Overground Underground, The Pomegranate London, NUNUM, Wanderlust, Reflex Fiction, Die Leere Mitte, Litro.

Ursula Wildt (artist) is featured in Overground Underground, NUNUM, Art Room, Margate Bookie Zine, Grey Cube, Envision Arts, A.R.T..

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