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Flash Fiction: "Mother and Gravel" by Marc Isaac Potter

Mother and Gravel

My mother tried to tell me something, but she forgot exactly how her mother spoke it to her, she only

remembered that her mother said, “This is very very important - don’t forget what I am about to say.”


The Gravel in our driveway, felt a sense of togetherness, having just been dumped by a large truck,

because they, the pieces of gravel, had just ridden a long distance in a large truck and had just been

dumped in their new home which was our driveway, which is our driveway.

And furthermore, I was still in the womb.

So with my Mom forgetting what her mother actually said; and with the noise of the gravel being

dumped; … and with the fact that I am still in the womb, yes her womb, she will die soon. … … She

is dead now.


So many homeless people live like this, like what is described above. Normal life, the normal life that

we homeless used to live is - to us - … ….

and that previous time, before homelessness, seems now as though we had been living like a celebrity -

that is to say we had so much stuff and so very many choices, and a considerable amount of freedom,

and people would actually look at us back then and smile and talk to us and invite us to be part of their

lives. -

A truck is full of gravel being dumped in the middle of an important moment. … That is just what

homelessness looks like. A big upheaval in the middle of something important.

The series of life events that happens for most homeless people - for example losing your house in a

fire [ 02 ]

only to discover that the spouse - with not enough money to pay all the bills - had let the fire insurance

lapse. This cascade of events could begin homelessness.



You cannot type “ the end” until the actual end. And of course, once you are homeless there is no

actual end - no cessation of events - only a film noir [ 03 ]

Razzmatazz [ 04 ] … of horrors butting up against each other in a rapid surreal fashion.

. One thing that happens for homeless persons is that there is no rest, no respite from the continual

cascade of troubles and unfortunate events.

Last night John had most of his stuff stolen here in the homeless camp. Three and a half weeks ago the

police came and broke up this camp - but we came back because … there is nowhere else to go and

this is beside the creek so that we can wash up and so that we can have a toilet.

… marc isaac potter ...




[ 01 ] footnote - Hilary Swank - wikipedia and filmography

Hilary Swank is an incredible actor with 2 oscars, 55 other awards and 41 other nominations. She has

two projects coming out in 2018

Her imdb …

Her wiki …

17.10.15 Sunday …


[ 02 ] - I certainly thought of dedicating this to the recent fire victims of Northern California, but that

leaves out millions of other victims around the world.

17.10.15 Sunday …


[ 03 ] - film noir -

17.10.15 Sunday …


[ 04 ] footnote - meaning of razzmatazz …

Copy short URL

17.10.15 Sunday …


[ 10 ] - Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts

17.10.15 Sunday …


Marc Isaac Potter (they/them) … is a differently-abled writer living in the SF Bay Area. Marc’s interests include blogging by email and Zen. They have been published in Fiery Scribe Review, Feral A Journal of Poetry and Art, Poetic Sun Poetry, and Provenance Journal. Twitter is @marcisaacpotter.

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