Flash Fiction: "The Romance Generation: Two Tales" by Victoria Hood

Tale I:

Woman Seeking Woman

I can tell by the way in which the men agreed with each other that they had conspired beforehand. Of course, there is the underlying possibility that there always is - men know that men are right and so men back up the men at hand to assure that men are right.

This time felt, though, word for word. Something concocted. Something too smart for men.

The way in which man two repeated what man one had said but with the air of it being an original thought. With the air of it being an individualistic renewal of life that had just come down and bonked them on the head. Man one smiled, knowing that with man two by his side they were no longer man and man but men.

I am thinking now about why they had left me out. If maybe I could have joined and bolstered their thoughts and woman one could say the same thing as man one and man two but maybe with a flirtatious twist. Like wow I just thought about how I have this totally new and totally original thought and that is that the men are right.

I am guessing I will have to write my own script. Find my own woman two.

Tale II:

Modern Romance Told Two Ways

A Love Story

This is a love story about a girl who loved herself so much she went to school and got an education and with that education she got more education until she felt like she was happy with the formal education she got so she learned and learned and learned on her own when she wanted to and she worried about nothing but herself.

A Lust Story

The setting is a bar that you can imagine. The characters are those of the normal people that come to this bar but also you. The plot is that of the stories you may have heard before: you meet a person of the sexual identity you prefer and you dance around a little, or maybe do karaoke, or maybe just sit and talk and you feel like your knees are weak. But in this version these knees being weak are not a good thing, because they couldn’t keep their respective genitals in their pants and they take you home and you wake up confused and later you go to a lot of therapy and finally feel like you could be okay again sometime soon.

An alternative ending: is consent. That is the better ending, but in reality sometimes the ending is not the better ending.

Another ending: is that you end up dead on the couch of a serial killer.

A possible ending: is a wedding in which you are happy, because this ending comes after the consent.

The moral of the story is: that sex is okay when there is consent.

(Even, and perhaps especially, before marriage.)

Victoria holds an MA in English from the University of Maine. Her work has been published in Interpret Magazine and pioneertown. She is also the winner of FC2’s 2021 Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize, her collection of short stories My Haunted Home is forthcoming from FC2 in Fall 2022. Victoria strives to create work that can meld together the punk roots her parents raised her in with the disillusionment of losing her mother at a young age. Victoria’s poetry chapbook Death and Darlings was published in 2022 by Bottlecap Press and her chapbook I am My Mother's Disappointments is forthcoming from Really Serious Literature. Overall, she hopes to discomfort, humor and charm.

Instagram: @toriiellen

Twitter: @toriiellen1