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Poetry: "Algae Gatsby" & "Edith Massey Brought Potato Salad On The Ferris Wheel" by Jillian Fantin

Algae Gatsby

seeks calcified mollusk head

in the key lime lite-brites.

the sugar dish filled with she-kelp

won the cruise beauty pageant

by a buttered waterslide—

!!!!! Miss 120,000 Gross

Tonnes of Extra Strength Steel !!!!!

Ma’amemoiselle’s a Hudson Harbour,

to-be Depression cake debutante,

Atlantic Ocean heiress

on the seahorse polo team.

he’s all lemons and cuttlefish eyes

livin on Squid Roe. he neons salt,

a neckshot nibbling wet waffle cones

waterlogged baseball skins

the coral in the sugar dish

swallowed used cucumber slices

and a pair of at-sea ice skates

!!!!! Miss Paraffin Wax

Activity Deck Shuffle Board !!!!!

Miss Ma’amemoiselle

remember him tentacled,

a sugarcube buoy, barnacling

her gel nail dinghy

to sealocked Vígríðr

til he mucus bullets,

goes full conch

—gets prohibition squishcaught

in the glowstick netting,

minnowmirrored and goldlured

against the day’s eye deep

Edith Massey Brought Potato Salad On The Ferris Wheel

crucifixation on the blue boo

jaunty wall knives go sugar spun

hitchhiking hot wagon nuclear

a a a love letter dream sequence

itsnowonder the SnoWonder Queen

leaves no teeth or teddyshadow

since she actually fucks in lace

cracking fingers cleared for liftoff

she’s That Same Bitch

but does a bitch stay the same?

is a bitch a constant? or do we

conjugate a bitch and leave

the stem untouched?

wha’ever it is,

just go

mow the gaptooth lawn

punk the sod into an alibi

wear out your eyes

before the tartan eggscrambles

into grand greatmother

stymied against the ken,


for the dreamland

instant snow

A note on "Edith Massey:" this piece is an ekphrastic response to Chicago, Illinois, fibre artist Kate Luther's "Lois Rogers: The Same Bitch from Last Time," which I will link here if readers would like to look at the piece for reference. Her website is and her instagram is @katelutherart. We have been given permission by Kate to include the image that inspired this poem below, she retains all rights to the image.

Jillian A. Fantin is an MFA candidate at the University of Notre Dame. They received a 2021 Poet Fellowship from the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, and their poetry has been published in The American Journal of Poetry, Sprung Formal, TIMBER, Entropy, and elsewhere. She is @jilly_stardust on Twitter and @jillystardust on Instagram

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