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Poetry: "Bin schedule of leics county council" by JM Summerisle

broken toy & lemon juice

when i clean the tank

hands tacky with fish

muck pebbles make

a pit of house

to weave through

me & you & bitter

skinned my leg

haired like grandmas

& you so sullen

so sudden sullied

fish food morsels

and organ music

only i

never prayed only

made offering of

smoke & potted

house painted

mushroom wrinkled

fruit leave

oranges on the side

where hidden toys

lie broken i

have no heart

to refuse

JW Summerisle lives in the English East Midlands. Their poetry & artwork can be found in The Lily Poetry Review, Catatonic Daughters, The Madrigal, SAND, & Re-Side. They may sometimes be found on twitter @jw_Summerisle

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