Poetry: 'Cassiopeia'

Narcissus / you grow in me / yellowing my love

beneath a cage of ribs /A crepe paper dress/ hides

your perianths / your truth

I ask you about cannibalism / your stem / your stamen

the taste of it /the way nature eats it’s young sometimes

sometimes, the way nature is disgusted

Narcissus / you sit in Poseidon’s chair / so poised / child

so petulant /this family tree / like a mirror/ petrified

like rocks / these roots / and me

Where is memory / or care / tell me about your horticulture

your past pollination as the fate of bees

Or are you just a stung face / happy to pick off my petals

as final butterflies / fold themselves over / my constant

apologies / hung on too late

Stuart McPherson is a poet from Leicester in the United Kingdom. His work is due to appear in numerous online journals and anthologies, including Beir Bua Journal and After the Pause. His debut pamphlet 'Water Bearer' will be published in December 2021 by Broken Sleep Books