Poetry: "Do you like that podcast I sent you?" by Georgia Louise Luckhurst

Do you like that podcast i sent you

Do you like that podcast i sent you

the one about the fear of turning thirty

that made me feel better about turning 23?

the one which asks whether dolly parton hugged

a country to her rock-

abilly chest

and unified america?

Do you like that podcast i sent you

on whimsy

and whether it’s a credible school of thought

or a foldaway camping stove, in the fight against oppression?

have you heard the episode

about how murder is as funny

as everything else we do - i thought it had a point? Like,

no matter how much attention i pay,

the people i love will die.

So i sent you

a show on Love Languages

because you said

receiving birthday presents

made you frank

and aeriform

as a raspberry gas,

whilst, in among the yammering, i rescued for you

an anecdote from the bombast,

a stray

with your mewl

from the bomb blast,

a finding

agreeable and citable

enough to arm you in conversation

with impressive and approachable verve.

i am giving you instead

the roundtable discussion of a book i nearly bought

because the cover told me it contained you,

in the plait of the cartoonish viennoise.



feel free to text

me if you have any thoughts

in response to any part of this

because i’m not up to much.

Mainly smoking and wondering

the magic number of cigarettes

that will make my arteries burst

like a slug through a gun

Georgia Louise Luckhurst is a 23 year-old poet and playwright, currently living in London. She is as an Associate Writer with Undone Theatre and a highly commended finalist in the 2021 erbacce Prize for Poetry. Georgia is bad at Twitter and good at Instagram captions. You can find her sharing too many photos of other people's cats @georgialouiseluckhurst.