Poetry: "Genesis in Yellow" by Ione Manks

After Joan Miró's ‘The Birth of the World' (1925) exhibited at MoMA, NY

Creation as chance. Black and White paint

dripping on Canvas to a blurry Grey


Creation as plan. A carefully choreographed

company of geometric shapes

on top of Grey.

A Black bird. A Red balloon. A White human head,

wrapped in Black. Stubbornly holding onto

the balloon’s (visible) thread.

That. Yellow. Thread.

A Beacon of Hope.

Ione Manks compiles footnotes. When writing fiction, she searches sounds in words. That includes poems, librettos, plays, and other stories. She explores how our surrounding landscapes, our bilingual/multilingual and bicultural experiences shape our perspectives, effectively transforming our conventional alphabets. She has a soft spot for music, dance, bright colours, and near-extinct languages. Depending on the language, her name can be purple, or sound like an island. That is fine, the future is multilingual.

Joan Miró's ‘The Birth of the World' (1925)