Poetry: "Highs and Lows" by Ronan Fenton

Low on ink. Low on pills (pharmaceutical or otherwise). High on resentment towards the

way things have been going lately. High on half an idea. Low on Vitamin C and serotonin.

Low on red and white blood cells, or maybe it was platelets; something that means I might be

dying. High on habits. High on having to make the transition between real and unreal. Low

on hope. Low on stamina when the woods are as dense as the fog in my dreams. High on

having to resume from where I left off. High on hearing my own heartbeat. Low on luck.

Low on the fuel gauge. High on the asemic manifestos of our lives. High on half a midnight

black Bible’s worth of cocaine. Low on the weighing scale. Low on unexplored territories

within my reach. High on the intersections of the unexpected that make life worth it. High

on having a heart in my chest and breath in my lungs and ground beneath my feet. Low on

owls glowing in the mist. Low on locusts. High on hilltops. High on paint fumes in an

empty hotel. Low on tolerance. Low on forgiveness. High on hermitude. High on Hermes

Trismegistus: as above so be-Low on the road to emancipation from yearning. Low on

introspection. High on hagiographies. High on hereditary illnesses. Low on limitations.

Low on leg room. High on hurt. High on dismantling hegemonies. Low on desire. Low on

leverage against loved ones. High on histrionic personality disorder. High on haptic

divination. Low on loose change for the homeless. Low on lighting in the back corner of the

club while I lick mandy from the inside of a torn bag with someone I think I’m distantly

related to. High on associating myself with people I despise. High on losing my sense of self

several dozen times a day. Low on time. Low on distances that can be traversed. High on

loving and being loved. High on being here in such an astonishing place.

Ronan Fenton is an Irish writer living in Dublin. He has an MA in Creative Writing from UCD and a BFA in songwriting from BIMM. He writes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama and art cr

iticism, and is querying his debut novel. Social media handles:

Instagram - ronanambrosefenton

Twitter - @Ronanfenton36