Poetry: "Hot Cocoa Impact, Marshmallow Intentions" & "Drawn Out"

Hot Cocoa Impact, Marshmallow Intentions

He hates the taste of coffee

so he orders something sweet.

Steamed milk and

two heaping powdered scoops;

stir, then lick the spoon.

Add whipped cream and

all the fixings for

a gooey reflection

of his greatest weakness.

A psychic in the basement

of a best western once

warned me that this man

should watch what he eats.

She said cutting down on sugar

would help regulate his moods

but she meant that someday,

in a fit of rage,

he might hit me.

In our half-silvered

bedroom mirror,

I conduct a close study of

a child squirming in his seat —

void of temperance

and oblivious to my fear.

I search for signs

that he might comprehend

the dividends of delayed gratification,

exhibit some growing

sense of self control.

He reaches for that marshmallow every time.

Drawn Out

Healing is harder during these elastic days.

The hours yawn and stretch while

the year beads like a snowflake

on my eyelash in the January cold.

It swells and falls with a single blink.

I sketched your likeness

in the bottom-right-hand corner

of a book with a newly broken spine.

Fifty-two adoring images of you;

on each page, an indecipherable change—

how slowly spring becomes summer—

until I take my thumb to it

and see you smiling,


walking away.

They say time is a salve.

On Christmas morning,

I press a warm washcloth

to the memory of you,

draw a little sadness to the surface.

One day, there will be nothing left

of you in me at all.

Raised in the Canadian prairies, Glennys Egan writes poetry in Ottawa, Canada, where she works for the government like everyone else. Her work has been published in publications such as Taco Bell Quarterly, Capsule Stories and Funicular Magazine. You can find her and her dog, Boris, online at @gleegz.