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Poetry: "Kissing Stars" & "Kitsune"

Kissing Stars

Bare feet, buried in the warm softness of sand

Particles spread out across the way like

a galaxy of shining motes footprints, marks of a percussive song

too high-pitched for the ear Fingertips might leave marks, too, where

they press, where they stroke, where the nails bite ripples that fade with the ebb and flow of

improbable, inevitable meetings and salt-water partings

Water is reflective, it echoes back the stellar light on my arms

but, though I know myself a constellation,

cold light piercing soft skin – you, you are the sky, soft dark-winged night spilling freckled stars out as sands

sifted together and spread across a chart of skin mapping tides where we may flow and pool,

mountains where we could rise, where birds nest

and fledglings tentatively break wing bracing to the cold air for the first time

a shifting and holding topography

with a fixed star a polar lip note singing

I dream of how a star might taste, of

what it would mean to set my lips to her

to feel her burn into me to know her as she guides me home to myself in a shared sky

where lone celestials hold one another

drawn into binary embrace by the gravity of their longing


I dream.

I feel fingers pressing into the soft clay of me

reaching inwards to touch my core, restless on this land of gneiss,

sandstone, granite and basalt – dark and pale bands run together as if the very stones were dreaming of hearts laced one into another.

Oh, to break an island free from its moorings! To sail it as one might a boat – hey, ho! – around

and around until it rests, embraced by sand

or to build wings, a waxed feather at a time, and arise on an updraft of my own breath into a sunlit ocean shimmering above the open sky.

I have a tail for each of my loves, they who are feline, vulpine, elemental – wind, storm, lightning – fierce yet soft, kind

divine sparks gazing out through human eyes,

eyes I am losing and finding and losing myself in

together, we are a heartbeat and a wave

reaching between continents.

I stand shore-side, eyes closed,

feeling the breath of the wind

as kisses on my cheeks,

fingers in my hair

and I am finding my way home. I will be a sunshower falling into their open palms.

I will be a wave crashing on their shores my tails whipping up the foam in my wake as I awaken in soft and strong arms.

Alessa Raine Catterall (she/her) is a queer, Scotland-based poet and songwriter. She looks to poetry as a literary container within which to soothe the past and to dream the future. Much of her inspiration is drawn from movement and the sea. Her work has previously appeared in Aloe magazine. Follow her on Twitter @alessacatte.

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