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Poetry: "Of Stone and Loss" by Joe Barca

we buried you

in a butterfly grave

in Western Pennsylvania

you were the symptom girl

and I was the cloud boy

you were the second born

and I was the fourth in line

you sat on the last couch

and I read Tolstoy

we listened to the hum of the IV

I had no poems left in me

so I held you between

the morphine and the rain

ten years later

I sit in a parking garage

my head bangs

the steering wheel

and I know that

we are often wrong to die

Joe Barca is a poet from New England. He is married with two children and a wheaten terrier. He has published four short poetry collections. Joe is a fast talker and a slow runner. Joe can be found on twitter @shepherdmoon53 and on instagram at poetblacksmith.

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