Poetry: "Pinklogic" by G. R. Tomaini


Pink is in the air

youths frolic in sandboxes

brown freckles dot pink faces

workless days and wet nights

honor thy mother and father

clouds squeezed for milkrain

pacifiers suit pinklips better than kisses


Eggs burrowed in the sand

hatchlings swirl in a gyre with mirth

newborn sea turtles perceive the sea

twinkling waves and twinkling eyes

it is happy to be here, friends

fishermen net the sea on the horizon

The timebat devours pinkcaterpillars


Spring may be as pink as the arctic

wings flap psychotic cycles in the sky

sweet blueberries fall on to icydirt

oceans would freeze if they could

seagulls spot hatchling turtlechildren

pinkjoy conceives of no evil

turtleblood is the currency of the land


Behold the Garden of Roses

Thoth documents all worldgrief

leafygreen vines can ’ t strangle deadstone

scarlet phoenixes digest pinkbutterflies

every sundown obscures walkways

chained in an eternal gyre

greenstems sprout pinkflowers


Pinkelectricity energizes the recurrence

few turtledances yield the sea

pinkworms feast on grayhearts

peppered Hegelian brows mask pinksouls

there will always be another pinkmuse

even as the sun sets on the fleshy empire

celebrate the logic of pink

G . R . Tomaini is an LGBTQ Federal McNair Scholar. His academic monograph on Philosophy is being prefaced by the internationally renowned Philosopher and Public Intellectual Dr. Cornel West. One of his four unpublished full-length poetry manuscripts has just been accepted for publication by A Thin Slice of Anxiety Press -- Ballad of An American Ganymede; the work consists of 57 poems in the manner of Queer Existentialist Poetry inspired by Heidegger and Sartre. Two of his other books of poetry have been accepted for publication by Pumpernickel Press, to be published jointly under the title: Pride and Prejudice and Poppers: Two Attempts At Queering The Canon; the two books of poetry that have been accepted at Kiss Me, Ahab! and Gayowulf. Tomaini’s poems are being featured in Outcast Press's magazine and in an anthology by The Incognito Press.