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Poetry: "Rate and Review", "Self-Raising?" & "Cheese &" by Nóra Blascsók

Rate and review

you once said my snoring

sounded like hopping

unicorns - I turned to cloud.

We ride the carousel

in the May drizzle &

whoever named it

Galloping Horses would

have said just call a spade

a spade.

Add selfie to Google maps

next to birdseye view

lockdown hair blurs with lights

image split by accidental

finger or could it be

a horn?


don’t care if you leave the seat

up the world is ending we run

out of toilet paper cardboard

binoculars queue on radiator

lunch break goofing around

trumpet march bathroom

to kitchen chuckle spread

Colman’s. I’ve been crying

again weighs on us like

spoons of flour on a scale

piling until nowhere to return

the excess hold me together

get the cheese to sickbay

they say on Star Trek & you

write it on the white board

under your friend’s name

Cheese &

Like brain in formaldehyde a ball of mozzarella floats.

They say buffalo is best I never know if they mean the animal.

That time I picked one up it splattered across the aisle.

I slinked away apologising

A very British thing - they love to say sorry.

The mozzarella in our fridge is cheap.

Shred some sprinkle salt rest goes on frozen Margherita.

Next morning peel plastic off cheesy slice watch it

Ooze E numbers under the grill. At least,

I read 60% of it is cheese

Nóra Blascsók is a Hungarian poet based in the UK. Her work has appeared in a variety of online and print publications. A selection of her poems titled 'Headspace' is out with Broken Sleep Books imprint Legitimate Snack in 2021.

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