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Poetry:Reflections on a “Branch of the Seine near Giverny (Mist)” by Ian Brunner

Green-gray dominates. Pale blues bleed into sunset pinks.

Misty mornings in a Wes Anderson setting. Out there,

a wound of the mind gapes.

A giant slumbers.

Out of focus expansion. The heart pumps.

The eyes see. The mind

possesses no answers.

Lost whimsy trembles in the haze. “If only,” it whispers.

“If only.”

Solid ground is less than sturdy in this place of dreams.

A cough. A sputter.

Nature’s way of saying never.

Echoes. Sleeping kings are no longer for us.

Ian Brunner is a writer from Buffalo who is currently residing in Atlanta. He is the short fiction editor for Variety Pack Magazine. His work can be found in Riggwelter Press, Dear Reader, and Ghost City Press and he can be found @MadRadIan

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