Poetry: 'Seas' by Donna Abraham Tijo

Waves like white peaks of Mt. Everest,



Inconceivable valleys, deep

dark and


Into that abyss, her heart


a dip.

The sea would buoy her up,

she knew.

Such a dive she wished her special child


An end, if at all, worth a claim, worthy of forgiveness.

Does that make her a bad mother?

Donna Abraham Tijo is the author of ‘Or Forever Hold Your Peace’ (AuthorsUpfront, 2014). Her short stories have been published in The Best Asian Short Stories 2021 (Kitaab, 2021), ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul, Indian College Students’ (westland ltd, 2011) and ‘Escape Velocity’ (Write&Beyond, 2018). Her stories have also been published online at https://kitaab.org, https://loveinthetimeofcovidchronicle.com and https://villagesquareliterary.com.

Twitter: @donna35abraham

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008657611185